Quality management and quality assurance 

of measures for the internationalisation of studies and teaching incl. mobility 

Quality management has a central role within HMIS2030, especially with regard to measures for the internationalisation of studies and teaching in the context of institutional learning. >> Aim 4 Effective skills improvement and institutional learning 


Ideally, higher education institutions define these quality goals on the basis of institutional reflection: the internationalisation of study and teaching in the sense of the concept of internationalisation of the curriculum and the development and expansion of international competences of all university staff. The following questions arise for higher education institutions:

                    Which international and global developments determine the necessary international and culturally reflective competences of our future graduates?                     
                    What can and do we want to achieve with internationalisation of studies and teaching, including mobility?                      
                    How are we going to do that?                     
                    What and who do we need for this?                    


The university bears the responsibility for reflecting on these questions as well as any corresponding process implementation. The resulting embedding of mobility measures and the internationalisation of studies and teaching in internal quality management not only underlines the university's responsibility but also the goal of setting appropriate, quality-assured measures for the development and expansion of the international and multicultural competences of all university staff and evaluating their effectiveness.  


In this context, it should be pointed out that the internationalisation of a higher education institution (e.g. mutual learning through international exchange or benchmarking in the sense of a location assessment) can itself represent an important contribution to the quality management of a higher education institution. Against this background, the >> Internationalisation of the Curriculum according to Betty Leask's model should be seen as an essential design principle of study programmes and teaching.  


On the topic of quality management and quality assurance of measures for the internationalisation of study and teaching, including mobility, >> proposals for six recommandations including respective measures, premises and key questions, were developed in the >>subject area groups of the >> HMS-mobility forum, the participatory process for the further development of the HMS2016 into HMIS2030, which served as the basis for the formulation of HMIS2030 and reflects the views of the higher education experts represented in the thematic field groups.